Magic Lantern RAW – How to merge spanned files using a hex editor


There is a possible issue with the way HexFiend processes RAW data. Specifically, if you are having “Pink” frames after extracting the frames from the merged file, make the following change:

1. In HexFiend, change the Text Encoding to “ASCII (Strict 7 bit) as shown below

2. Re-merge the files from the beginning and check for pink frames when extracting.

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 1.10.44 PM

Native Cinema DNG support for Adobe Premiere Pro CC coming in October 2013


RAW shooters rejoyce!

Creative Cloud 12.1 update is now available!

Screenshot 2013-10-31 19.16.30

Apparently The folks at the Magic Lantern project have had a profound effect on the NLE software world. With most of the Canon line of DSLR cameras now supporting RAW video as well as beyond 1080p resolutions when using the magic lantern software, Adobe has taken notice:

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